Facilities at SRHS

About S. Raza High School

S.Raza High School was established in 1981 solely for the educational and cultural development primarily of children seeking the same and admitting them irrespective of caste, creed, location, language, sex or religion as are desirous of receiving education in S. Raza High School. Quality of education has always been the priority at SRHS and hence it has come to be recognized as one of the leading educational institutions in eastern India.

In addition to academic exuberance, the school puts equal stress on yoga, sports, subjective curricular, co-curricular activities, martial arts, and value education for alround development of students.

The school functions in its own campus at Alinagar Colony, Anisabad, Patna. It is housed in its own three storied splendid building with playing field and open air stage. The school has large and well equipped science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, a large Swimming pool, large classrooms, Computer Laboratory, well Stocked Library and has its own school buses for transporting students.

The History

The first Raza High School was founded by Late Al-Haji Ahmad Raza Khan in the year 1972. Though Raza Khan himself belonged to a family of Zamindars, he was averse to the pomp and glitter of the Zamindari system.

A firm believer in humanitarian values he left home at the age of fourteen and completed his education while living in the servant's quarter at Wali Manzil. However, working under domination was not his cup of tea and he soon realisd this when he had to switch over jobs from the Navy to the Army and then to transport.

It was around this period that the idea to establish a school took hold. Raza Khan wanted to rejuvenate the education system in Patna and provide quality education to the not so previledged section in society. The result was that Model English Academy was started at Wali Manzil Chowhatta on Ashok Rajpath. The students there were able to acquire the best education at a reasonable fee.

As the second decade started the school marched from Seventh Standard to Eighth Standard and the first batch appeared at the Bihar Secondary Education Board (B.S.E.B.) in the year 1987. From that year till date the school has been getting hundred percent (100%) First Division results.

The Raza chain of schools was started by Late Ahmad Raza Khan. Then gradually along with his Sons, Daughters-in-law and grandsons several schools in Patna were established.

A Message

" What I am is God's gift to me. What I become is my gift to God. "

In keeping with this saying I did my very best in life to serve humanity to give them what I was best at i.e; education.

" Education is a vaccine to violence", is my opinion."

Nothing moves nothing prospers with the will of God and without the goodwill and the active co-operation of all concerned. In that context I prey for the blessings of the Almighty, His effulgent light to guide and illumine my ways and beseach the goodwill, the good wishes of my patrons, well wishers, guardians and my fellow citizen's in this ventire. Finally I express my personal gratitude to whom it may concern for my recognition as a teacher and as an educationalist.

Late Ahmad Raza Khan
Founder : Raza High School