SRHS Activities

Apart from regular studies students take part in all extra curricular activities whether it is Indoor games, Outdoor games, Educational Field trips, Quiz Competetions, Science Exhibition, Debate, Writing Workshop & also cultural activities.

Every student on admission is allotted a house, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Each house is headed by two students known as Captain and Vice Captain. A member of the staff assisted by several other members is the in-charge of each house. In order to encourage the extra curricular and co-curricular talents and maximum participation of a large number of students various inter-house competition like Debate, Elocution, dance, music, drama, are organized.

All activities : Athletics, cultural, social or of any other kind, which may be directly or indirectly identified with the School are subject to explicit and definite approval of the Principal or Director. Letters of intimation will be issued to parents prior to the occasion. Activities such as Games and sports, Social service, Language, Celebration of National Days, Children’s Day, School Day, Teacher’s Day, Drawing Competition, Essay Competitions, Debating, Computer Quiz competition, Elocution Contest, Science Talent Competition, and Song and Drama competition play an important role in the life of the children at SRHS.

  • Annual Day SRHS
  • Cabinet SRHS
  • Childrens Day
  • Agro Expo
  • Christmas at SRHS
  • Cooking Competition
  • English Debate
  • Dance Competition
  • Dramatics
  • Drawing Competition
  • Fancy Dress
  • Field Trip
  • Health AwarenessIndoor Activity
  • Independancce DayKarate Girls
  • Independence DayKarate Boys
  • Model Design
  • Mothers Day
  • Dance Competition
  • Music Class
  • Science Olympiad
  • Rangoli Making
  • Republic Day
  • Annual Results
  • Science exhibition
  • Sports Day
  • Swach Bharat Abhiyan
  • Teachers day
  • World Veterinary Day
  • Yoga Classes
  • Mumbai Terror Candlelight









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