Creative Minds at SRHS

Introducing Creative Minds - Where Creativity blends with Foresightedness.

They say you are not in the race if you are not at the top but we believe that you are at the top if you are in the race. Every student inherits some exclusive talents which sometimes they themselves don't know. We show them what they possess and help them realize what they can do with the talent they hide. At SRHS, we believe every idea has its creative side and with appropriate guidance and motivation it can be used for self development and the welfare of humanity.

We give students enough chance to explore themselves by making them believe that they are not less than anybody else. We have been organizing various workshops and encourage students to participate. Introduction of The Grand Debate wih special sessions to help students develop their spoken english, body language and personality development, creative writing workshops and implementation of new awards and titles really help boost students morale.

Felicitating students for their Excellence in Creativity:

  • Achievers of The Grand Debate 2013

    The Grand Debate 2013

    Students of Class IX participated in The Grand Debate 2013. Among 150 students these 12 students were selected. They were given extra sessions to enhance their speaking skills and personality development.

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  • Achievers of The Science Exhibition 2013

    The Beautiful Mind 2013

    Science Exhibition is organized every year but this year we also felicitated those students whose ideas were creative and unique. This really helps students come up with different and exclusive notions about their projects.

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  • Winner of Creative Writing Workshop

    Creative Writing Workshop

    Students were given the task of making a sandwitch. The students were so excited after the project that we asked them to write their experince on a sheet and make it creative and exciting. This project won the award for the most creative writing among all.

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  • One to One Interaction

    One to One Interaction helps overcome stage frights

    Its very important to bring out the most from yourself. One to one interaction and encouraging students to speak in public reduce their nervousness and helps them in their personality development. A few small techniques like this really works.

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  • Awards for Excellence in Creativity

    Awards for the Excellence in Creativity

    This year we have introduced two set of awards for honoring the excellence in creativity among students. It encourages every student to participate in events and extra curricular activities. They are exclusive trophies given to the most creative student for showing advanced skills in the field of creativity.

  • Certificate for Excellence in Creativity

    Certificate of Excellence in Creativity

    The certficate of Excellence in Creativity is given to the students for their partcipation in academic and creative development projects. The notion behind this certificate is to raise the awareness of skills they cary within themselves and take them out in a creative way for contribution towards the society.