Facilities at SRHS

Education and Student Experience at SRHS

SRHS endeavours to impart the best possible qualitative education to student based on modern technique through well organised and fully equipped classrooms. Grading system introduced as per the CBSE guidelines with CCE system of evaluations.

A view of our efforts and infrastructure for imparting best Education

Bright and attractive classrooms for tiny tots.

Airy & lighted Classrooms
 for students.

Well equipped laboratory. 

Library for students to enhance their knowledge.

Computer Lab with requisite number of upgraded computers.

Music classes organised to encourage budding talents.

Karate for Self Defence.

Yoga training for fiscal fitness and mental strength. 

Table tennis for sporty spirit.

Playing games 

Encouragement to the artistic interest of child.

Lunch time.

Kids playing at the Backyard.

SRHS offers many activities for students. Continue Reading...