Facilities at SRHS



Spacious and Airy Classrooms :

The classrooms are airy, ventilated and fully lighted. Keeping in view the ergonomic concepts, the furniture of the latest designs have been provided to the students. The classroom atmosphere is congenial and democratic. Original thinking is always encouraged. Mordern and latest techniques are used in the classrooms. Innovative methods of teaching are continuously being used to make teaching more meaningful and interesting.

The classrooms have generator facilities which is helpful during electric loss. This helps maintain the flow of teaching in the classroom.


SMSSMS Notification System :

One of the great facility we have implemented at SRHS is SMS Notification System. Often the ability to get a message to a parent quickly can make all the difference. Texts can be used to remind parents of upcoming events, their kids attendance on everyday basis to reduce school absence of their kids, payment/deadline reminders, fixture details or to inform parents of last minute changes of plan or school closures. It could be information specific to their child, such as notification of illness, detention or even attainment.



LibraryLibrary :

At SRHS we offer comprehensive support for all aspects of library-related resources through a variety of options. Experienced and friendly specialist staff provide advice and practical help, as well as books and other items to support curriculum work and leisure reading. The library strives to make resources readily accessibleto enhance and promote the total growth and development of the students. Our School Library has a wide-ranging stock for students, including professional materials for teachers and librarians. In addition, books are issued on loan to the students who are responsible for the item while in their possession.

Computer LabComputer Lab :

Our School Computer Lab is well equipped with Intel computers & a heavy duty U.P.S. is also attached to the main computer. The computers have a wide range of educational software for the Middle School section together with application software for the seniors. Each class attends computer lab for a scheduled 45-minute period every week. A full-time computer expert is present for all computer lab classes. Students are given assignments that are planned to coincide with current classroom studies. Early grades are taught basic computer skills. Senior students are taught Internet safety, programming and accounting languages and research skills.


LaboratoryLaboratories :

Separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology have been made available for the students. These are well-equipped and provide the necessary infrastructure for demonstration, experimentation and project work at various levels. All apparatus must be taken care of : any damage has to be made good by those responsible. Students should always confine themselves to the Task in hand in strict accordance with the instructions of their teacher. They should not commit any misdeed or mischief that would not only endanger their own safety but also that of the others and the building. Further a student should not pilfer chemicals, acids or equipment. If found doing so, it will be considered as a major misconduct, for which the student would be either suspended from his/her classes for a further notice or would be dismissed from school.

For any misbehaviour or indiscipline in the laboratory the Principal would be fully empowered to use his discretion in imposing punishment of any sort. Her decision would not be open to questioning.
It would be the bounden duty of the students to carefully wash their hands with soap in the laboratory after completing a chemical experiment. During the process of an experiment should a student suddenly feel unwell then he should immediately inform the teacher of this fact.
N.B. : For Chemistry Practicals it is compulsory for students to wear white aprons, which they should provide themselves with.

School BusSmart Classes :

SRHS had become the first few schools in Bihar to use Smart Boards in classrooms. Smart classes use all interactive modules like videos and presentations and these visually attractive methods of teaching becomes appealing to students who are already struggling with the traditional method of teaching in a classroom. In fact, smart classes are almost like watching movies as sometimes, animated visuals are used to teach a point. This kind of visual is both eye-catching and young students can easily relate with them. This advanced technology-supported learning system is available to the students of SRHS in a regulated manner, under the guidance of supervisors.


School BusActivity Room :

Activity-based learning is critical to a child's creativity and all round development. Activity room have been designed and equipped with learning materials for the child's growth. The activities are conducted at different levels based on the students interest and acumen. This room is adequately equipped with modern toys, books, learning activities etc. Children according to their routine are taken to the activity rooms. We keep updating the activity room with new toys and learning activity kits to enhance the overall development of a child.



School BusCCTV Equipped Classrooms :

As part of a safety-related measure, the education committee of SRHS has undertaken the task of installing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in schools run by it. It will help us ensure safety of students within school premises and monitor any individual behaviour in classrooms and it is helpful in co-ed schools. CCTV cameras are aldo installed in the lobby, playing area and front gates of the institution to ensure child's safety.



School BusTransportation Faciltiy :

SRHS has its own transportation to conduct a regular bus service for the student. This buses are in good conditions and are maintained on a regular basis keeping student's safety on mind. We work closely with schools and parents to establish the best routes and pick-up points to ensure all students arrive at school, safe, on time and ready to learn. All buses are required to meet industry standards regarding safety and maintenance. All drivers are carefully screened by the institution before hiring them. Costs vary according to distance and usage and charged termly in arrears.



Swimming PoolPlayground :

The institution has its own playground within the campus. Staffs are always present for the safety of every child. The playground is open for a variety of indoor and outdoor games and physical activities including kids fun sessions. They are often the first place that children begin to develop social skills and they are the backdrop for fictional and imaginative play. The playground is also where children learn valuable lessons about trust, teamwork, patience and following rules. Moreover, a well-designed playground allows teachers to extend their classroom and physical education activities outdoors for a new perspective and a creative approach to learning.

The playground has swings and other play activities for the children.


Safety, Security and Discipline :

Children's safety is of paramount importance to us at S.Raza High School and we have taken every step to ensure this within the school campus. Visitors are welcome but must sign in the at the school entrance. We request that parents do not enter corridors or classrooms without prior permission from the school office. We expect your child to bring their lunch and other academic materials when they come to the school. We do not allow lunch or any other items to be given during the school hours. We are committed to safeguarding every child who attends S.Raza High School and hold monthly safeguarding meetings with our discipline committee.

Sports Facilities :

At S.Raza High School, sports and games curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of the education process. Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rules and allows the participants to learn the value to self control.

Infirmary :

The school provides support for medically ill child. The first-aid facility and direct link-up with the nearest hospitals helps children who need medical attention. Parents are informed as and when required.

SRHS Clubs :

The school has its own club. There are four different club that fuction under the aegis of SRHS Club. Sports Club, Green Club, Arts and Cutural Club and Scholastic Club. Every student has to join a club and accordingly they participate in events and activities.

Indoor Games :

On a regular basis the institution encourages all the students to take part in indoor games and other sports activities.

Physical Education :

In our physical education programme we aim to promote our children’s health, physical development and confidence. They experience a wide range of P.E. activity including dance, yoga, games and martial arts. At S.Raza High School we aim to provide a wide range of sporting activities. We have a strong commitment to providing every opportunity for children to participate in a variety of sports both within school and through extra-curricular activities. By implementing physical education we aim to encourage: -

  1.   Physical activity, fitness and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle where safety is paramount.
  2.   Positive attitudes and a sense of fair play.
  3.   Social interaction through children’s involvement in extra curricular activities.