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The Grand Debate - 2013 | Creative Minds at SRHS

The Grand Debate final for Class IXth was held on January 15 2013. We witnessed some outstanding performances from the participating students. The topic of the debate ' Are social networking sites beneficial for our way of life' was informative and has presented students and listeners with various shades of social networking sites.

The Grand Debate is one of the new implementation of SRHS. The entire process of selection was unique. Out of 150 students from three different sections of Class IX only twelve students were selected. The selected students were given different sessions of personality development. They were taught how to overcome stage fear and face the audience. Presentation of debate and various methods to improve it were also a part of their session.

On the final day, all the selected twelve students were divided into 4 different groups. The groups were then given a unique name. Invaders, Hawks, Warriors and Tornados. Two of the teams opted to speak in favor of the topic however the remaining two spoke against the topic. The remaining students of the class who couldn't make to the finals were in the audience who were assigned to raise questions for the participants. All the students were too excited and they participated with dedication. The team Warriors emerged as the first runner up and Tornados as the second runner up.

The winners of The Grand Debate 2013:

Aarti Kumari, Md. Altamash, Aseem Anand

Kr. Shubham, Chandra Prakash, Navneet Kumar.

Participants were felicitated with the Certificate of Excellence in Creativity by the Director Khalid Raza Khan and Sabiha Perween. Later on the Annual Results the winners of The Grand Debate were awarded with the Creative Minds Awards.

View photographs from The Grand Debate: Click Here