Latest News and Events at SRHS

Latest News and Events at SRHS

  • Annual Day SRHS

    Annual Day Celebration - 30 years of SRHS

    On completion of 30 years of education, S.Raza High School celebrated its Annual Day on BMP-5 playground. The day witnessed some great performances by the students of SRHS. We also felicitated the students who have excelled in academics, cultural and sports. Chairman Khalid Raza and Director Sabiha Perween inaugrated the event. Chief guests Dr. Sarika Roy and Dr. Amulaya honored the event with their presence. Students performed on songs, dance, and an English play. SRHS Sports Club students demonstrated their skills of karate at the event.

  • Science Exhibition held for Classes VI - IX

    Science Exhibition held for Classes VI - IX

    The fourth Science Exhibition was held on Saturday, 7 Feb 2015. Among the chief guests were Mayor of Patna Mr. Afzal Imam who inaugrated the ceremony, ADG Law and Order, Patna Mr. Alok Raj and I.A.S Mr. Ganga Kumar who judged the event and felicitated the students with certificates. Consolation prizes were given to the non-participants who promptly answered to the science questionnaires being asked at the event. Chairman Mr. Khalid Raza along with Director Sabiha Perween were also present at the ceremony.

  • SRHS Newsletter

    SRHS 'Connections' - Our Newsletter Launched

    Introducing our quarterly published newsletter, SRHS Connections. This bulletin is a medium to connect parents with our school, keeping them informed about upcoming events and student's achievements. The first release was distributed to all our students in the school. This is our noble effort to bring parents and our school closer to each other. It not only shares the events at our school but also gives the student a chance to promote their outstanding work through this medium. Outstanding performers will gain a space in every edition.

  • Science Olympiad Winner

    Inter-House English Debate Competition

    Inter-House English Debate competition was held on Thursday, 29th January. The members of each house spoke for and against the topic and conveyed their ideas and thoughts coherently and passionately by speaking on the topic. Each side consisted of five speakers and also interjectors. Mr. Dilip Kumar, Director Cambridge Public School, Mr. P.K.Mishra, Director Foundation School and Chairman Mr. Khalid Raza were the Chief Guests of the ceremony who encouraged the students with their motivational speeches.

  • Annual Awards ceremony 2014

    66th Republic Day Celebration

    The students celebrated the 66th Republic Day on 26th January 2015. The day started with the Flag Hoisting Ceremony by the Director Sabiha Perween followed by Republic Day programmes performed by the students. The students sang national anthem. Tricolor caps and sweets were distributed to the students.

  • Science Olympiad Winner

    Field Trip to Bodh Gaya - A historical adventure

    This year on a field trip the students drove on our school bus to Bodh Gaya. My God this was the most exciting day. The students enjoyed the drive seeing the ethnic beauty of our country. They really were amazed to see the Bodhi Tree where Buddha attained enlightenment. Lunch was served. It was a fun filled but an very informative day.

  • Achievers of The Grand Debate 2013

    Christmas Day Celebration 2014

    Christmas celebration at S.Raza High School was nothing less than a fun filled day. Kids dressed as Santa really brought life to the character. Students dressed as Santa distributed gifts and sang Jingle bells. We witnessed some great creativity by the students who designed their own outfit and christmas tree.

  • Annual Awards 2013

    Inter-House Cooking Competition

    Little chefs try hands at cooking in inter-house competition at SRHS. SRHS Cooking Challenge aims to encourage students to become more aware of local produce and healthy eating habits while showing off their formidable skills in the kitchen. The competition also provides exposure to the pressures of a commercial kitchen.

  • Annual Awards ceremony 2014

    State Honors in Open State Karate Championship

    Students of S.Raza High School earned state honors in the Open State Karate Championship 2014 in Patna. The students brought home one gold, two silver and two bronze medals after competing with other martial art players from different schools of Patna. The DGP of Patna honoured these students with medals and certificates.

  • Science Olympiad Winner

    Fancy Dress & Drama competition on Children's Day

    On 14th November 2014. the ceremony was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr. Shibli Nomani, DSP, Patna. The day witnessed some great performances by the students of our school. Classes from Mont I to class V participated in Fancy Dress competition. Students from classes VI - X performed on varous English and Hindi plays.

  • Annual Awards ceremony 2014

    Formation of Student Cabinet 2014-2015

    Student Cabinet plays a vital role in the development of a student. It not only keeps them disciplined and active but also motivates each student to be a part of an academic and non-academic events. The cabinet head was reserved for class IX and X students whereas the junior classes joined the discipline and event squad of the school.

  • Science Olympiad Winner

    Students join the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'

    S.Raza High School joins "Swachh Bharat Campaign" which was originally launched by the honourable prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. This is an article from the leading newspaper Prabhat Khabar published on Sunday, 12th October. The event was covered in leading newspapers of the city.

  • Achievers of The Grand Debate 2013

    Teacher's Day Celebration on 5th September 2015

    Enthusiasm and festivity marked the Teacher's Day celebration at our school. Our campus was gripped with fervour as students put their best foot forward to pay tributes to their teachers. The campus was abuzz with activities. Scintillating programmes by the students marked the Teacher's Day celebrations.

  • Annual Awards 2013

    Workshop on Female Hygiene & Cancer Awareness

    Physical Fitness has been a priority for our students. A workshop on Female Hygiene and Cancer Awareness was organised at our school by Procter & Gamble. Students (girls) were taught about their personal hygiene and the boys were informed about how the cancer awareness plays a vital role to preven the deadly disease.

  • Annual Awards ceremony 2014

    Independance Day celebration on 15th August 2014

    The celebration of Independance Day filled our heart with emotions of patriotrism. The students perfomrmed on various stage plays which was solely dedicated to our freedom fighters. From Rani Laxmi Bai to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, their life and how they struggled for independance was the main theme for the play.

  • Science Olympiad Winner

    Bihar Girl Tops in Science Olympiads

    We are pleased to share that Priya Kumari of S.Raza High School holds 1st Rank in Bihar and 10th position in the world. Millions of students from approx 27000 schools from more than a 1350 cities and 16 countries appeared in the Science Olympiads Foundation. Director Sabiha Perween felicitating the winners.

  • Annual Awards ceremony 2014

    Annual Awards ceremony 2014

    Annual awards ceremony 2014. The distinguished Chief Guest, Mr. Khalid Raza Khan, Chairman of Raza Memorial Trust with Director, Sabiha Perween and Farhain Khan felicitating the students. This session witnessed some great performance by our students in the field of academics and extra-curricular activities.

  • Science Olympiad Winner

    Students honored for securing 10 CGPA in C.B.S.E. boards

    Bihar Public School Children Welfare Association honors our class X students with 'Student Talent Honor Award' for securing 10 CGPA in C.B.S.E. boards exams 2014. The ceremony was organised at Patna Planetorium and was attended by various dignitaries from the field of academics and public services.

  • Achievers of The Grand Debate 2013

    The Grand Debate 2013 winners felicitated

    Students of Class IX participated in The Grand Debate 2013. Among 150 students these 12 students were selected. They were given extra sessions to enhance their speaking skills and personality development.

  • Annual Awards 2013

    Annual Awards Function 2013

    Annual awards ceremony of S.Raza High School was held in March. Final Marksheets were distributed among students. Students were felicitated with awards by the director Khalid Raza Khan and Sabiha Perween.

  • Annual Science Exhibition 2013

    The Annual Science Exhibition 2013

    Science Exhibition was inaugurated by honorable Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Sunil Kumar. Patna Commissioner ELSN Bala Prasad and Additional Commissioner of Income Tax R Msnjunathaswamy were the judges. Chairman: Khalid Raza Khan, Director: Sabiha Perween and Academic Director Saquib Raza Khan felicitated the students with awards.

  • Craft Competition Winner

    Amit Kumar - Regional Winner in Bihar Craft Competition

    Amit Kumar Sharma of Class X who passed out from our institution this year has been declared the Regional Winner in Bihar for his participation in the "Bank of Baroda Canvas Competition" 2013. He has qualified among 2500 students from 21 different schools in Patna. Bank of Baroda is felicitating him with a Certificate of Merit and an award of INR 1000.

  • Achievers of The Grand Debate 2013

    The Grand Debate 2013

    The Grand Debate 2013 was organised by the institution. The debate topic ' Are social networking sites beneficial for our way of life' was informative and has presented students and listeners with various shades of social networking sites. Participants were felicitated by the Director Khalid Raza Khan and Sabiha Perween.

  • Achievers of The Grand Debate 2013

    Students participate on Christmas 2012

    To explore the creativity of the students, the school organised christmas decoration activity within the classroom. The little ones of junior sections presented a colourful drawings of Santa Claus and made some beautiful christmas tree. The delight was uncontained especially as the kids were appreciated for their work.

  • Achievers of The Grand Debate 2013

    Fancy Dress Competition

    A Fancy Dress Competition was organized at SRHS. Children from Pre-Nursery to Class II participated in the program. Some of the personas in which the children were dressed included a commando, joker, doctor, fairy, flower, politician, witch, and slum boy. Children came dressed in their colorful costumes for each theme and spoke a few sentences on the character that they depicted. The amazing number of participants and the hard work of the parents behind each child were highly commendable. The winners were given awards by director Sabiha Perween.

  • Achievers of The Science Exhibition 2013

    Drawing and Craft Competition

    SRHS organised a Drawing Competition for students in the school. A number of children from different classes in SRHS participated in the competition and won accolades for their creativity. They were very excited and we were amazed to see the creativity of these young artists. To encourage the students director Sabiha Perween felicitated the winners with awards.

  • Achievers of The Grand Debate 2013

    Mother's Day Celeb

    Montessori students of SRHS, had a memorable day at the school as the institution organised an event on the eve of Mother's Day on Tuesday. The kids spoke about their mom and expressed their love for her in a cute but exciting way. They even sang songs for mothers. They were very excited on this day and to double their elation the school distributed them sweets.

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  • Achievers of The Science Exhibition 2013

    English Debate Competition

    An English debate competition was organised at SRHS. The Preliminary Round with one participant speaking for the motion and one against. The motive of organizing a Debate is that it is a challenging and highly rewarding activity for the students. Debate increases the argumentative and persuasion skills.Children were excited and thrilled to participate in the competition.