Facilities at SRHS

Why study at S. Raza High School

At SRHS, we understand you’ll need a variety of skills to succeed in the twenty-first century workplace. We believe the knowledge and expertise of our teachers, and our network of academic partnerships will benefit you long after you leave. Our teaching methods and the opportunities we offer to spend time on every student individually encourage the development of skills and experience valued by outside world.

Our courses and the support and opportunities we offer are designed to give you the best possible preparation for life after school. Alongside your qualification you will have the chance to develop real-world skills and experience. Whatever the state of the competitive market when you have passed out, you will be well prepared. Project work , assignments and one to one interaction will prepare you for professional life, and career planning provides focus from the start of your course.

The environment in which you study plays a key role in your learning experience and our facilities reflect our professional way of doing things. In the last decade we have introduced many new facilities which helps you improve your overall performance. We understand that there may be times when you need additional advice and guidance on an academic, emotional or practical level. So we’ve come up with a number of ways to help you on a one-to-one basis.

  • Quality of education is what matters at SRHS. It is a family-run school with a reputation for high quality. We have many years of experience in providing the right education and quality experience for each individual student.
  • Each student is treated as an individual and we put you at the centre of our thinking. We want you to get the most out of your experience in SRHS and we will do everything we can to make sure that happens.
  • We offer excellent student support services and have professional, caring and friendly teachers and staff.
  • We guarantee a quality homestay experience with friendly Indian hospitality. Our Student Services team will ensure that you are well-looked after throughout your time at the school.
  • Our classrooms are airy and electricity is provided as long as the school is running. Power failure is well taken care by facilities like electric generators which is operational when required.
  • Safety and health issues are well taken care of at SRHS. We have CCTV cameras installed in the school premises. SRHS is equipped with Aquaguard for safe and pure drinking water for each student.

SRHS offers many facilities for students. Continue Reading...